Tips & How to Play PUBG Mobile A la Pro Player, Chicken Dinner is Not a Dream!

Tips & How to Play PUBG Mobile A la Pro Player, Chicken Dinner is Not a Dream!

Tips & How – Playing online games on mobile platforms today sbobet can be found anywhere and anytime. For the genre itself, the best-selling mobile games played by gamers include MOBA, FPS, RPG, to Battle Royale.

Talking about Battle Royale, one of the most popular mobile games is PUBG Mobile. The game made by Tencent was first released in early 2018.

The popularity of PUBG Mobile has skyrocketed even more when this game becomes a game that is competed in esports. No wonder every esports team in the world, even in Indonesia, must have a PUBG Mobile division.

The PUBG Mobile esports team in Indonesia that has several times won national and international championships, including Bigetron Esports, ION, Aerowolf, AURA, Morph and so on.

Now for those who are the last in a game aka last man standing, here are reviews of tips & how to Pro play PUBG Mobile, from beginners to advance guys!

Tips & How to Play PUBG Mobile A la Pro Player, Chicken Dinner is Not a Dream!

1. Land at the Right Location

Just like other battle royale games, PUBG Mobile Android also has the first mission, which is to land at a location that you can set yourself.

2. Immediately Loot Buildings Around You

After safely landing, you should immediately loot the buildings around you. Take all the items around you that you feel are necessary, ranging from the best weapons, ammunition, armor, medical kits and other improvements.

3. Manage Luggage in Inventory

Loot as much as possible at the beginning of the game sometimes makes you forget to manage the inventory stored in your bag.

4. Use Auto Features as Necessary

Because it was developed specifically for the mobile platform, PUBG Android provides several features that make it easier for players to play.

5. Prioritize Item Defense and Take Medical Kit

In addition to some of the items above, you also have to pay attention to the level of the bag used. This is because the bag you are using has a limited capacity.

6. Always Pay Attention to the Map

PUBG will place you on a map in the form of an island that will become a battleground for 100 other survivors just like the PC version. Just like similar games, PUBG Mobile has map mechanisms such as Blue Zone, Red Zone, and Safe Zone.

7. Don’t Forget To Close The Building Door

The next good way to play PUBG is when looting, the door of the building by default will close so you have to open it when you want to enter.

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