How to Export Yahoo Emails to PDF File Format?

Wondering how you can save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF for your computer or hard disk? Here you’re going to get all of the solutions to save Yahoo emails to PDF.

Email plays a huge role in everyone’s existence because it enables them to talk to one another. Delivering and receiving data via email is a vital task, but you may want to safeguard individuals’ emails. Therefore, saving Yahoo Mail to PDF format is the easiest method to safeguard your computer data. This means this blog describes all of the methods to convert Yahoo emails to PDF format.

Since the Pdf format offers several benefits. PDF is really a universal format that supports many devices and OS Information designed in PDF files is readable. Many slot88 gacor users choose to print Yahoo emails in PDF format.

Now let’s take particular notice of the possible reasons for saving mail inside a portable format.

Why Need to Download Yahoo Mail to PDF File?

As the user wants to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF format, there are several scenarios. We list all possible causes in the next section.

  • You can add encryption to PDF files.
  • No one can make any kind of changes to PDF files.
  • PDF files can be easily read offline.
  • Users can store their Yahoo mail in PDF format as a backup.

Now that we know all the possible reasons, let’s start to understand the manual method to solve the query about how to save Yahoo emails as PDF.

How to Save Multiple Yahoo Emails as PDF – Smart Method

By hand, you can easily save just one email in Pdf format, but with regards to convert Yahoo emails to PDF in large quantities, the time is right-consuming. To be able to rapidly download all emails in the Yahoo Mail account previously, you are able to opt for Tool4Mail Yahoo Mail Backup Tool for Home windows. This is actually the best answer to backup and save Yahoo Mail to Pdf together with all email attachments.

By using this tool, it is simple for those users to transform multiple Yahoo emails at the same time to Pdf format. It supports all versions of Home windows including the most recent Home windows 11, 10, etc.

To begin the process, first, download the very best Email Backup Wizard around the system after which stick to the pointed out steps.

Steps to Save Yahoo Emails as PDF in Bulk With Attachments are;

Step 1. Start the tool and click Open. Select Email Accounts >> Add Account.

yahoo mail backup tool

Step 2. Enter your Yahoo account credentials to log in.

login yahoo mail

Step 3. Now, select the folder and click Export then select the desired format.

select desired file format

Step 4. Finally, click on the Save button and the process start automatically.

save multiple yahoo emails as pdf

That’s it. This is how you can easily save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF file format.

Manual Method to Convert Yahoo Email to PDF Documents

This section describes various manual solutions for saving Yahoo emails as an Adobe PDF file.

Method 1: Use Print Options

Within this method, become familiar with how you can effectively save Yahoo emails as PDF for your hard disk or computer while using print options. Carry out the following stages in the right order.

  • Enter your credentials to sign in for your Yahoo mail account.
  • Click on the email icon within the upper right corner from the display.
  • Then open the content you need to save like a PDF and click on More Options.
  • Then pick a print option.
  • Paper tab opens here, choose the print options based on your needs, and press the Save button.
  • Then pick a location in your system and click on the Save button.

Method 2: Save Yahoo Mail as a Word Document

This method for you to use Ms. Word to solve queries on how to save Yahoo Mail as PDF. It may save your valuable word file by having a .pdf extension.

  • Enter your Yahoo Mail ID and password to sign in to Yahoo Mail.
  • Visit the email icon and open the e-mail you need to copy.
  • Then press CTRL C simultaneously to repeat the written text.
  • Then open the term document, paste the copied text into the Word document, after which press CTRL V.
  • Visit the File tab within the upper left pane and click on the Save As option.
  • Finally, click on the Save button in order to save the term file like a PDF.

Limitations of Manual Approach

Both of the aforementioned methods describe the detailed procedure for how you can save Yahoo email to PDF. However, the above-mentioned manual processes the following possess some limitations. Let’s check out them.

  • Manual processes consume more effort and time in the user.
  • Unable to save multiple Yahoo emails as Pdf at any given time.
  • Whenever a user copies an e-mail to some Word document, just one email could be copied.
  • Novice users will have a problem following the above process.


In the above article, we shared all the details on how to save multiple Yahoo emails as PDF file. Using these two manual solutions, users can convert Yahoo emails to PDF format. However, due to the complexity, users cannot save their emails. Therefore, we recommend that you choose an automated method to convert multiple Yahoo emails to PDF file documents.